myka | suspension lamp

Myka offers you a collection of different shapes, so you can be the creator of your own composition. Each composition will be adapted to its specific space, requirements and your wishes. Made of brushed, patinated brass Myka provides a special luxurious design with a warm and soft LED light. Together the distinct shapes create a play of soft lines in the air. Myka is the example of bespoke design combining extraordinary lighting with a timeless look.

color and material

BRA brushed brass


myka type 1
Wxdxh 150x3x3cm

myka type 2
Wxdxh 118cm / 31cm / 3x3cm

myka type 3
Wxdxh 72cm / 72cm / 3x3cm

myka type 4
Wxdxh 150cm / 45cm / 3x3cm

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